T H E   W O R K S I T E   O F   S C O T T   B I L L U P S

Producer • Director • Cinematographer • Author • Game Developer • VR/AR/360


Corporate Leadership

If you can speak, you can influence.
With influence comes leadership.


Advanced Technologies

Pioneering work in Virtual Reality, CG Characters, Smart-Stages and Artificial Intelligence.


Production Methodology

25+ years of award-winning production experience working with the most respected artists in media.

Latest Projects:

Did you ever do something that you felt was really break-through and leading edge but no one really got what you were trying to do? Then, like twenty five years later someone says, “Hey, that’s really cool, let’s put it in the movie”. Now playing on Showtime and told in his own words is an award winning documentary that offers a fascinating look at the inner life Marlon Brando. Originally screened to huge success at 2015 Sundance Film Festival, the Documentary uses digital scans that I created of the iconic actor back in the late 80’s.        Read More »

What started out as a three minute demo at the annual American Film Market set a new record as the largest deal in the history of the 36 year event. In less than five hours our demo raised over $85 million dollars, a major studio distribution deal from 20th Century Fox and a branding deal from BBC. Since the entire project consisted of CG dinosaurs in live environments we needed a production pipeline that could deliver what we had just sold. We created the first film resolution, Augmented Reality production system.       Read More »